About Me


As long as I remember, I’ve been passionate about photography and art. I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin. When my parents gave me my first really good camera as a graduation gift, I discovered my love for this art form. I began working in a local photography studio and took photography classes at a local community college. That experience gave me a solid grounding in lighting and posing that has stayed with me throughout my career. Eventually I started my own business. What I've realized is that photography is my language and images are my words. I am so grateful for my roots and my Wisconsin heritage.


Not long after I launched out on my own, I enrolled in a photography program on the Big Island of Hawaii. The program allowed me to meet and work with some the world's best photographers and to travel to Europe, Asia and Africa. Eventually, I also met the love of my life in Hawaii and settled down there. Hawaii is a highly-sought-after destination for weddings and vacations. I started doing photography for visitors to the island and eventually became a preferred photography vendor at the most exclusive five-star resorts. I am so grateful for all of that journey and what it has allowed me to bring to my business now.


My MISSION is simple: to photographically capture the world and its people, in a beautiful, truthful and artistic way.

My VISION is: to be the best photographer that I can be with the tools and technology available.

I pursue this mission and vision through creative projects, documentary portraiture and event photography for select clients. I am always finding new inspiration through my clients and through new creative collaborations with other professionals. Each new relationship presents new creative opportunity.


Generally, I find myself most moved by 20th-century modern photography. I like the clean lines and unique angles. Urban settings inspire me, but so do rural vistas and details, probably because growing up in a small town near Milwaukee, both were a part of my roots. A feature of my work is how I find and use bright colors in my images. My two favorite shooting modes are portrait and photo-journalistic. Between structured “photo ops” and posed portraits, I’m firing away in the background, documenting spontaneous unposed moments and details. I find that the combination makes for strong collections my clients always appreciate.