Putting the focus where you want it ...

As a mom of five now, all under the age of ten, I have a natural affinity for photographing people at important moments of life. These three packages are my most requested, but I'm also happy to customize, Don't hesitate to contact me with your unique needs and goals. Let's put the focus where you want it, and tell the story you want told through photography.

focus on MOM

A mom's day is filled with distractions and work. Precious years flit by. Imagine beautiful, timeless portraits of you and your little ones. Imagine I came to you and spent time in your space documenting your everyday. Imagine having those precious images to cherish for all the years to come.

focus on the FAM

Portraits of our family are such an important part of life. They commemorate important milestones. They tell friends and loved ones more than you could ever say. As your children grow, portraits serve as mementos for the future. Good ones even become heirlooms to pass on.

focus on YOU

Whether celebrating new love or preparing for a new professional opportunity, there are times in life where you want the focus to be on you. Skillfully crafted portraits are one of the best ways to represent yourself at every phase of life.

My Pricing

My sessions are offered in three lengths, available for any package as well as other requests. Each includes on-location photography at a place and time of your choosing. Each also includes a complimentary, pre-shoot consultation to discuss your goals and preferences and to answer any questions. And finally, each of my sessions comes with a secure online proofing gallery from which to view all the final images, make selections and order enlargements. Session pricing starts at $275.


One hour of photography

starting at $295


Two hours of photography

starting at $445


Four hours of photography

Contact me



All final images from your shoot will be available for download at screen resolution and for purchase in other resolutions and formats. After each shoot, I carefully curate the best images, editing for consistent visual and technical quality and performing any necessary retouching. The resulting collection is available for you to view at your convenience in a secure online proofing gallery. You may choose to purchase prints or the high res version of just the ones you need, or the entire collection at my full collection rate. Whether purchasing wall art enlargements, prints, or just the high res digital files, your images come with the rights you need to make unlimited copies for personal use. Inquire about other options for archival storage and special delivery including shipping overseas.


If you have to cancel for any reason I will make every effort to help you reschedule. If you scheduled in advance and then locked in your date with a signed contract and prepayment and are then required to cancel, your deposit will be returned subject to the conditions of your contract.


Photographers will tell you the best time for photography is during what is known as golden hour light. In photography, the golden hour is that time of day just after sunrise or before sunset when the quality, color and angle of the sunlight all make for especially beautiful photos. Late afternoon, before sunset, is usually the most convenient time to schedule a session. That said, the best time for photos is whenever you are taking them. I will make the best use of the light available at whatever time we are shooting.


I am currently able to accomodate both studio and on-location photography requests. In my studio we use a limited variety of backgrounds along with creative lighting and posing. On-location photography means that I meet you at a location that is best for you. Typically this is at your residence or a local park or other location. If there is a certain look or view you wish for in your portraits, or a landmark you'd like to include, please communicate that in your booking inquiry and I will be happy to work with you to get the results you desire.


What I always tell people is that if you like the way you look in the mirror, you will like how you look in photos. Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in and that "spark joy" for you. Another direction is to use props or choose outfits that you wouldn't normally wear just for the sake of a fun portrait. An example might be a fun hat or pair of boots or a loud shirt or a bouquet of flowers or a musical instrument, or anything else that expresses something about you or your place in life. It all depends on your goals for the images.


My photography specialties are portraiture and event photography. These two work well together and by combining the two skill sets I can offer both candid and posed portraiture in every collection. My aim is always to use each location to its best advantage and produce portraits or capture important moments of your event with artistic flair and attention to detail. Every collection will feature images that are uniquely suitable for wall art enlargements, heirloom prints and custom photo albums.


Turnaround time for me is typically from four to six weeks, or sooner. Each hour of shooting requires many more hours of curating, editing, and post production. Depending on circumstances, I am usually able to accommodate rush orders. If you require expedited service for any reason, please mention it in advance.


Yes you may order prints directly from your secure proofing gallery. Prints ordered through my website are fulfilled at one of the top photolabs in the country and are delivered directly to you. You may also take purchased digital images to any other lab of your choice. For how best to design and print a custom album of your favorites or your entire collection, please contact me directly.


Having custom wall art created for your home or office is one of the most rewarding investments into the images from your collection. Whether a gift or a decorating detail, there is nothing quite like personalized art to make a space uniquely your own. If this is of interest to you, contact me directly for assistance selecting the right image, creating a virtual mock-up, and arranging any special photo editing you'll need to ensure the right result. I am also available to work with your designer on specific projects.


I currently limit the number of weddings I do each year so that I have more time to focus on my family and other types of photography. However I am able to accomodate a few select weddings each year. Right now I am accepting inquiries regarding wedding photography for the summer of 2022. If you are planning a wedding for next year and are interested in my photography services, please contact me directly via the contact form.

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